YLJ: Year of Living Jewishly

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A child’s B’nai Mitzvah is one of the most significant milestones in the life of a young Jewish boy and girl. It is a time when B’nai Mitzvah celebrants reflect upon the meaning of Judaism and its values, and how it relates to them in relevant and personally meaningful ways as they embark upon a new stage in life. Beth Torah’s B’nai Mitzvah program engenders in each young adult who is approaching this important lifecycle event a heightened sense of Jewish identity, responsibility, and maturity.


Why Beth Torah’s B’nai Mitzvah Stands Apart:

Your child will have the benefit of forging a personal relationship with Rabbi Yossi, known for his dynamism and ability to engage with young adults, while engaging in a custom-designed program that he personally developed and oversees. The students go on incredible field trips and explore Jewish values relevant to their journey into responsible adulthood, especially tikkun olam, chesed, and tzedakah.

When: Approximately every other Sunday during the school year.

Times: 9am to noon 

We recommend that your child complete YLJ in the year leading up to their celebration. Please contact our Director of Education, Alley Dezenhouse Kelner, at hebrewschool@bethtorah.ca or call (416) 782 4495 ext. 25 for specific details about when the program should be introduced to your child. For Beth Torah Hebrews’Cool students, the YLJ program typically follows grade 6, however some students chose to take YLJ instead of grade 6.

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For more information, email YLJ
or call Alley at (416) 782 4495 ext. 25


[vc_message message_box_color="purple" icon_fontawesome="fa fa-birthday-cake"]I am so proud to work with amazing young adults in the YLJ program.  During YLJ, students can ask questions and be their grown-up selves without hesitation. Starting with our first Sunday breakfast together, our YLJ program feels like a small community.

The students come out with a hands-on knowledge of the core principles of our faith, which helps them understand and prepare for their big day. The program creates a unique bond between the students and the Rabbi, something that makes bar and bat mitzvahs at Beth Torah so much more special.

Miriam Maes, Head Volunteer for YLJ[/vc_message]