Rabbi Yossi Sapirman
Senior Rabbi

Rabbi Yossi Sapirman is the Senior Rabbi of Beth Torah Congregation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a Conservative Judaism affiliated Synagogue founded in 1962. After more than 13 years at Beth Torah the congregation continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. Young and old alike find his style and More… enthusiasm to be a breath of fresh air as he makes Judaism relevant and enjoyable. Innovation, non conventional thinking and being a great, warm and caring Shul community are the primary focus of “Rabbi Yossi” as he is known by all.

Beth Torah gained national prominence when over 100 families were on its waiting list for membership. This remarkable resurgence was noted by the media prompting the Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s national newspapers, to describe Beth Torah as “The “it” Shul… and a Shul that Rocks.

He has innovated “Now Judaism” a philosophy that empowers individuals to confidently engage tradition and history while embracing modernity and future. It’s about the transformation present in every moment.

Rabbi Sapirman has extended his warmth and broad vision to a multi-faith world and has embraced the challenges and rewards of interfaith dialogue and engagement. He also sits on the governing boards of Mazon Canada, the Jewish National Fund and the Centre for Diversity and is involved in many local and national projects and causes.

Rabbi Yossi Sapirman appears regularly on radio and television, hosts his own television segment on CTS, lectures on many subjects and is known as a warm and caring Rabbi.


Cantor Ben Silverberg

Cantor Ben is the newest member of our clergy to join the Beth Torah leadership. Previously, he was the cantor at Shaar Shalom Synagogue in Thornhill for fourteen years. Cantor Ben strongly believes in the importance of having the congregation join together in prayer services More… and has selected melodies to ensure this communal harmony. He also takes great pride in fostering the growth and well-being of our children, instilling in them the joy of prayer and music.

What drew him to the profession of cantor? No doubt his love of singing and teaching. But it was also his interest in being a member of the clergy who can share in our members’ good times- Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, and baby namings—as well as the more difficult times.

Cantor Ben has embarked on a personal path of growth that has looked beyond his professional capacity of cantor. He recently went back to school while working full time to get his MBA. When not at BTC, you might find him poring over stocks on the TSX, picking out a great wine to pair with food, working out, or watching the Blue Jays. He is married to Karen who is incredibly supportive ofall that he is and does and recently they welcomed a lovely daughter Emily Brooke into their lives “


Lawrence Janit
Finance and Administration
Business Management

Lawrence is the newest member of the Beth Torah Congregation team joining us as the new Director of Finance and Administration. Lawrence has spent the last 16 years working in the not-for-profit and community sector, helping organizations More… increase their operational and administrative efficiencies. Lawrence holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and post-graduate diploma in Non-Profit Leadership and Management from the Schulich School of Business. Lawrence is also an active volunteer with the WALK Committee of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, a board member at Beit Rayim Synagogue, and a community coach for the Richmond Hill Soccer Club. In his spare time, Lawrence enjoys doing almost anything active with his beautiful wife, Andrea, and three adorable children.
(416) 782 4495 ext. 33


David Goodbaum
Events Coordinator
Building Management

David was born and raised in Toronto. With an eye toward working in government diplomacy, he studied political philosophy and international relations at the University of Toronto. He then attended the Hebrew University on scholarship where More… he studied political philosophy on the graduate level. However, he was “professionally detoured” from a career in government and went into the family business, Sunnybrook Foods, formerly located in the Wilmington Plaza.  Since then, David has held a variety of senior positions in food retail, serving as vice president of merchandising and operations at Price Choppers, a division of Sobey’s, and founding the first organic supermarket in Ontario, Organic Garage.

Now At Beth Torah, David works as the Event Coordinator and Building Manager, ensuring that all events and operations of the synagogue flow smoothly. In 2015, David oversaw the first Pesach Seder at the synagogue, which drew 150 people. He is a regular Haftorah reader and has set his sights on eventually reading every Haftorah portion.

David’s passion is volunteerism, devoting his time primarily at Bellwood Health Services and Jacs, where he works with families going through treatment.

David also enjoys exotic travel; when he had the time and opportunity, he packed up and lived in Turks and Caicos for a year. David is married to Candace and has four beautiful children.
(416) 782 4495 ext. 33


Atarah Derrick
Managing Director

Atarah Derrick is thrilled to be joining Beth Torah as its Managing Director, responsible for the clergy offices, communications and development. She comes to us with 13 years experience in the Jewish communal sector working in communications, educational programming, More… and administration for non-profits. Atarah has spearheaded new initiatives as a professional and volunteer at New Israel Fund of Canada, Limmud, Beth Avraham Yoseph Congregation, Israel’s Judaica and many more organizations. She is a proud mother of three and a partner to Chad, who works in television production. | 416-782-4495 Ext. 42